Well Cutthroat Tenkara is officially launched. Be sure to check out the sister site Fallfish Tenkara for an idea of what is to come!

I am envisioning Cutthroat Tenkara to be a venue for my fishing adventures in my new home California. While the State fish of California is the Golden Trout I picked Cutthroat for the name of my new site as they hold a special place in my imagination for me. As of posting this I have yet to catch one, perhaps that is why they possess a special aura to me… Or maybe it is because there are many, and rare, species of Cutthroat in California.

I have been back in the US for almost four weeks now and I have managed to squeeze in a few days of fishing already. Here are some of the highlights from my time in Texas and the foothills of the San Gabriel National Forest.

I have caught the ultra light spin rod bug, and I plan to carry not only my Tenryu Furaibo TF-39TA (and/or the Karasu 360) alongside my Diawa Wild Stream 45UL-3 on many of my adventures. Right now I like to use light spoons from 0.7g to 3.0g with 3lb test nylon line. For me I feel that tenkara is more than a method of fishing; it is a way of life characterized by adventure, camaraderie, and even foraging for wild edibles to supplement a meal of fish freshly caught in high gradient mountain streams (where permitted by law and the prevalence of fish – who wants to eat the last few fish in the river anyways?). I also believe in having the right tool for the job, and sometimes tenkara is not the best, or even the right tool for the “job”. Hence my reasoning for carrying a UL spin rod (plus they’re a lot of fun and there are a lot of lakes in the Sierra Nevada my “new” home range).

There has been some division in our small community as of late on what constitutes tenkara. For me tenkara is a way of life, not just a method fishing. I don’t want to be the instigator of any further division within our community; rather I would like to bridge the gap between tenkara and fixed line fly fishing. While UL spin rods are pretty cool, fishing without a reel is pretty cool too and whether or not your targeting trout, char, salmon, bass, or pan fish it is all fun but context is important.

Hey, has anyone used a bait cage on a fixed line rod yet?

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