Joshua Creek – Boerne, Texas

Authors Note: This article first appeared on Fallfish Tenkara. However, in an effort to create a resource for Japan and Tenkara enthusiasts I have moved non-Japan related content from Fallfish Tenkara to this site. 

Last month epic amounts of rainfall hammered the karst hill country of Texas. After the flooding subsided springs throughout the area erupted with new life and the rivers ran at full capacity. My parents own a small plot of land on the outskirts of Boerne Texas and Joshua Creek is just 1.5 miles from their front door. Last fall when I visited Joshua Creek was nothing more than a string of stagnant pools filled with algae. However, this time around Joshua Creek was full of life, filled to capacity, and incredibly clear.

We traveled to the river in my Dad’s 1974 Jeep everyday and I would bring all of my Tenkara rods with me. I taught close to a dozen Tenkara lessons to my brothers, sisters, and my brothers wives. It was a Tenkara family reunion! In the course of week we caught close to a hundred Bluegill, Longear Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Small Mouth Bass, and maybe even a few Pumpkinseed! The creek was as warm as a bathtub, wet wading was the name of the game – especially in the heat of the afternoon.

Not to far from Joshua Creek is the famous Guadalupe River! Last fall I had fished the upper Guadalupe River but this trip the river was still in flood stage flowing deep, fast and not very clear – so we opted to just fish Joshua Creek instead. Trout Unlimited lists the lower Guadalupe River (below Canyon Lake which is only 40 miles from Boerne Texas) as one of the top 100 Trout Streams in the USA! The upper Guadalupe River, while not suitable for trout, is worth a visit if you’re in the area. It stays fishable late into the season and I have yet to come across any other anglers on either the Guadalupe River or Joshua Creek during my multiple visits.

Of course no visit to Boerne Texas would be complete without dining at Marys Tacos and Mague’s Café – quite possibly the best mexican food on the planet 🙂

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