John Muir Trail

Last year my friend was fortunate to secure a permit to hike a portion of the John Muir Trail. Our luck stemmed from our choosing to embark on the hike the last week of September and the first week of … Read More

Treasure Peak

Surrounded by big mountains and tucked deep in the Rock Creek headwaters lies an often overlooked peak. From the summit it affords unimpeded and commanding views of the High Sierra – aptly it is named Treasure Peak. But, before I … Read More

San Luis Rey Headwaters

Last weekend I took the family up to Palomar Mountain to play in the snow. It was Tadashi’s first time seeing snow and he was quite the fan of all the yummy ice coating the mountains. We made a snow … Read More

Sheepshead & Calico Bass

Brunch I love brunch, especially on a Sunday morning after church. A true American brunch is hard to find in Japan though, so when we moved back Stateside it was one of the first things we set out to find … Read More

Backpacking & Tenkara Video

I had a lot of fun with my Youtube Channel for my previous site Fallfish Tenkara. So, I figured why not start a new one for Cutthroat Tenkara? Here is the first video in what will hopefully be many more to come. … Read More

Mount Whitney High Country

If you missed Day I & II the TR can be found here Kern River Headwaters Day III The sun came up too early on day three. Day two had been the longest I had ever walked in one day … Read More

Golden Trout

Golden Trout Wilderness Day I My mother-in-law arrived right on time to relieve me of my stay-at-home dad duties. The rental car was packed and ready to go and after putting my son down for his afternoon nap I snuck … Read More

Santa Margarita River

In northern San Diego County lies a true gem, at least by Southern California standards, an un-damed nearly 100% urban development free ‘source-to-sea‘ river system – it is called the Santa Margarita River. Unfortunately, all fishing has been banned on … Read More


Well Cutthroat Tenkara is officially launched. Be sure to check out the sister site Fallfish Tenkara for an idea of what is to come! I am envisioning Cutthroat Tenkara to be a venue for my fishing adventures in my new home California. While the … Read More

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